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Quality Assurance Program Description

BSE's senior leadership is committed to quality performance; it is central to our corporate culture, and a fundamental responsibility of every employee.   Our commitment is reflected in our organizational structure where Quality is represented coequally among other management disciplines, and relationships offer appropriate breadth and depth of cooperative support, while maintaining functional independence.
This structure enables the appropriate level of responsibility, authority, and communication to ensure:
    1) processes are established, implemented, and maintained, as necessary;
    2) appropriate cognizance of system performance and recommended improvement; and
    3) awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization

BSE's Technical Services Division (TSD) ensures quality throughout the organization by use of an independent, ISO Certified, Quality Management System (QMS); this provides a customer oriented, continually improving method to meet or exceed requirements, respond to changes, and rapidly identify, correct, and prevent recurrence of problems.  The Organizational QMS serves as the framework to analyze and understand requirements, define processes to consistently deliver acceptable services, and control processes to ensure customer satisfaction and continual improvement.  This approach is based on proven ISO management principles to provide organizational direction and control in a systematic and transparent manner; this encourages continually improved performance while addressing the needs of all interested parties.

Quality program planning includes process controls for product preservation; supplier input and product output are evaluated at stages to best ensure end products/deliverables conform to specified requirements.  Product requirements are determined through a review of factors including the following:

  • Physical or functional characteristics specified by the customer,
  • Derived (unstated) requirements known to be a necessary enabler for the specified or intended use of the product,
  • Applicable regulatory or statutory requirements, as well as
  • Additional considerations deemed necessary to ensure the product conforms to specified purchase requirements

If you need additional Information in regards to our Quality Assurance Program please contact James Storch - Quality Assurance Manager.

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Last Update: 08/06/2010