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Employee Awards




Employee of the Year


Kevin Dolan

ACTS- Computer Operator, Mt. Home AFB, ID

Job Performance

  • uperbly coordinated Live Monitor Missions with  Range Training Officers (RTO) and provided 100% debrief capability for all sorties supporting 366 FW and 428th Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for 60 assigned aircraft utilizing two Mission Design Series Aircraft
    • Performance led to over 200 RTO missions and 6,237 sorties; provided reduced pilot debriefing time and increased pilot training accuracy and proficiency
    • Maintained 99.97% FMC on 11 Portable Ground System(PGS), 5 Transportable Ground Systems (TGS),  3 Remote Range Unit (RRU), 2 Control Display Unit (CDU) and 2 standalone Individual Combat Aircrew Display Systems (ICADS)
  • Completed annual key change and built changer P5CTS Data Recording Device (DRD DRDs; provided capabilities for wing to fly P5CTS pods in classified modes
  • Acquired new as-built diagrams for Cowboy Control ground systems to include , EW server, RAD/LAPP computer, Radiant Mercury, LM and ICADs from TARIF
  • Completed annual/180 day ground system PMI cycle for assigned PGSs, TGSs and RRUs
  • Jointly re-accomplished systems start-up procedures for Cowboy Control continuity book
    • Included unique procedures for the newly installed software used to provide separate feeds to the Unclassified/Classified LM computers; only at MOU
    • Provided detailed step-by-step process on TINA, LM, ICADS and Firewall  
  • Prepared site for TCTO 521 P5CTS/TCTS Ground Subsystem Windows 7 upgrade
    • Conducted inventory of assigned GEM keys for TARIF to build new computer
    • Reviewed kit accessories; identified wrong video cable (HDMI); required Mini Display port for PGS model type; coordinated replacement item from TARIF
    • Procured software from ESDS site/attained classified software from Hill AFB
  • Conducted plan for TCTO 521 P5CTS/TCTS Ground Subsystem Windows 7 upgrade
    • Swapped antiquated P5CTS ground systems with Window 7 upgraded systems
    • Transferred local settings/range configurations into new systems, cloned backup hard drives and devised unique passwords for all levels of security requirements
    • Placed obsolete ground equipment into storage; awaiting DRMO turn-in
  • Completed TCTO 522 software upgrade on RRU-31/9; discovered faulty computer stack in RRU- 9; replaced stack/completed upgrade; planned upgrade on RRU-50 in near future
  • Performed TCTO 513 on CDU 10/30; replaced old laptops with Panasonic Toughbook with Windows 7 Operating System; installed USB to Serial 232 Adapter kit/DRD reader
  • Completed TCTO 532, one-time inspection on P5CTS DRD; reported total quantities, type of flash card and holders without cards; enabled SPO to formulate future plans
  • Supported special Gunfighter Flag exercise; tested F-35 aircraft operational deployment for three key mission sets: suppression and destruction of enemy air defense, air interdiction missions, as well as basic close air support - to include alert launches
  • Supported special Gunfighter Flag 16-3 exercise aircraft;  conducted preparations for RTO missions, recorded and provided mass debrief for all on/off station participants
    • Exercise produced a better understanding of the Gunfighters combat capabilities for seven congressional advisors from Nevada, Oregon and Idaho visit
  • Provided outstanding support for Large Force "Gunfighter Flag" Exercises; wing/RSAF were able to hone pilot skills for air-to-ground/air-to-air scenarios with different aircraft
    • Supported 425th RSAF F16s and 333rd FS F-15 for Close Air Support missions
    • Tracked non-podded C-130 aircraft with MOD 3 to provide clear picture for Combat Air Patrol operations for simulated airborne assault on target objectives
    • Built MLU with low activity participants to formulate whole picture on recording
    • Provided off-station units with LM ICAD mission files for simultaneous debrief
  • Supported first RSAF Weapons Instructor Course (four pilots, 16 weeks); guaranteed serviceable pods for important RTO missions debriefs for aircrew training; success!!
    • Research Whidbey Island range center for RSAF Maritime Interdiction training
  • Completed preparations for ACC shipment requirement of eight P5CTS (V2)/two (2) each P5CTS (V1) pods, along with associated equipment to Nellis AFB, NV
  • MOU’s first time utilization of P5 Pod Coffins  to transfer 10 P5CTS (V1) pods to Eielson AFB, AK  as directed by ACC to meet re-position efforts of ACTS assets
  • Troubleshot two KVM switches used to link ground system at Cowboy Control; provided temporary solution until new KVM Black Box Switches were procured for faulty units
    • Reconfigured program setting and establish connectivity with ground systems
  • Supported P5ECTS operations at Eielson AFB, Alaska; integrated into Red Flag missions and provided support for Exercise “Distant Frontier” joint service training exercise
    • Performed successful merging of sortie data for 82 aircraft launched from two separate bases; provided pilot debriefs at both locations; successful mission
  • Trained new USAF pilots on P5 ground equipment; demonstrated MLU software, DRD mission setup procedures, DMD Properties and ICADS; enhanced debrief capabilities
  • Revised the Mountain Home ACMI pod load sheet; accommodate unique requirements
    • Combined USAF/RSAF assigned aircraft onto one sheet with dropdown menus
    • Created tab to track TDY units/updated macro to calculate pod upload/downloads  
  • Updated DRD/PSID information on MLU during semi-annual 428th aircraft launcher configuration change to decrease wear on launcher rails; zero lost sortie

Self Improvement

    • Completed training on Cloning software provided by TARIF during TCTO 521; critical for setting up each computer backup hard drive; enhance recoverability debrief hardware
    • Accomplished Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) Training
      • Trained on basic components: Tactical Data Link Server, transportable housing case for the MIDS LVT (3)/FDL, a UHF L-band antenna/optional client workstations
      • During the Gun Fighter Flag exercise, we were able to use the BOSS to simulate a Global Hawk Flying at 50,000 ft. in an orbital pattern used to relay ground threat information to the fighter aircraft involved
    • Finished Link 16 Basics Training through Joint Knowledge Online course; provided an in-depth understanding on Link systems and terminologies used on today battlefield


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