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Employee Awards




Employee of the Quarter

4th Quarter 2017

Paul Hayes

Electronics Technician - Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Job Performance

  • Aggressively supports flying operations in one of the busiest fighter wings in ACC
  • Superbly coordinated pod load operations with 69 P5 pods supporting daily flying for 94 aircraft assigned to four fighter squadrons
    • Dedication led to more than 2,000 pod load reconfigurations; zero maintenance late take offs and no negative impact to pilot proficiency training for 2,318 sorties flown
    • Achieved the highest P5CTS sortie rate with an average rate of 34 sorties per pod
    • Continues to maintain the highest sortie effectiveness rate with an outstanding 99.78 percent; consistently maintains one of  the highest rates within BSG
  • Assisted with the performance of 33 pod PMIs and ten maintenance repair actions accomplished in a timely and accurate manner resulting in no impact to flying operations
    • Maintained a 98.42 percent fully mission capable rate on 69 pods
    • Actions resulted in zero non-excusable sorties, an accomplishment that has been consistently maintained since fielding of the P5CTS pods at Seymour Johnson
  • Scheduled and assisted with pod loading on a daily basis with 100 percent on time pod loads with Zero non-excusable sorties related to malfunctions, maintenance or pod loading; ensured aircrew receive maximum P5 ACTS training benefits every day!
  • Worked closely with maintenance superintendents in four squadrons ensuring that tail number changes were received by pod load crews preventing pods from being uploaded or downloaded unnecessarily, thus saving approximately 30 man hours of labor and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment
    • Great working relationship with production superintendents and weapons crews in all aircraft maintenance units—huge contributing factor in BSEn’s continued success
  • Immaculately calculated and reported flying schedules and maintenance entries into RAMPOD ensuring only the most accurate information is used
    • Due to his dedication and hard work Seymour Johnson maintains the highest standards in RAMPOD input for current data analysis
  • Supported two Razor Talon exercises; ensured pods were serviceable prior to loading
    • Guaranteed all home station pods tracked making the exercise a complete success and providing valuable ACTS training to our Air Crew members
  • Critical in conducting TCTO 531 with 100% of pods complete and ahead of schedule
  • Directly impacted national security by prepping 12 jets for two Noble Eagle missions protecting the shores of America
  • Maintained 24 pieces of equipment on PMEL account with no over dues, guaranteed all torque values correct for safety of flight—safe, functioning pods translates to the best training for the warfighters

Self Improvement

  • Broadened his knowledge of the P5 and related systems
    • Learning how to operate ICADS, RADS and the DRMS systems ensuring optimal customer support during times of critical manning
    • Assisted in troubleshooting and replacing a failed media converter at Bouge field, restoring connectivity in less than 24 hour





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