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Employee Awards




Employee of the Quarter

1st Quarter 2018

Cary Loeffler

Computer System Analyst- Ellsworth AFB, SD

Job Performance

  • Outstanding performer; enthusiastically accomplished Site Management, Computer Display Operations for Mission Debriefs configurations with zero deficiencies resulting in no late take offs caused by BSEt despite the site being manned at 67%!
  • Highly effective in planning the mission support requirements and swiftly adjusts plans to accommodate short notice flying schedule changes ensuring mission support is unaltered.
  • Superbly coordinated debrief operations supporting daily flying missions for all aircraft assigned to the 28 BW (B-1s), deployed units, and LFE players
  • Jack of all trades, knows how to accomplish every BSEt job at Ellsworth AFB
    • Performs RTO duties daily, sending 28.2s, 3.5s, 12.0s, setting up scenarios, and 10 lines over the radio.  Acts as RTO with no supervision required.
    • Provided assistance and support to BSEt at Dyess AFB, got them set up at least 2 months earlier than TARIF could support--trained Site manager and Computer operator from Dyess AFB on P5ACTS, Link-16, and other systems support.
    • Site Manager/RTO from Dyess AFB cannot thank Cary enough for all his support to get their P5CTS system set up months ahead of schedule.
  • Led over six 28BW Distinguished Visitor (DV) tours for active duty military members
    • Expertly briefed and answered question of SD Governor Dugaard, Senator Thune (SD), and General Rand on P5ACTS system and operations at Ellsworth AFB.
    • Superb advocate of Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS), expertly provided in depth demonstrations to potential customers highlighting value added capabilities.
    • Bolstered local community’s interest in Tactical Data Link (TDL) integration cementing aircrew’s utilization desire for ACTS.
  • Accomplished Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) training.
    • Only designated trainer for everything BOSS at Ellsworth AFB—assists all TSD
  • Outstanding job of continuing setup at Ellsworth AFB ACTS system.
    • Completed Link-16 Basic 100 and Link-16 Joint Interoperability on-line courses, TSD representative at 2016 AF Link-16 Network Managers Working Group. 
    • Exceptional knowledge and support to TARIF during Windows 7 install and integration, decreased their work load and saved BSEt money.
    • Expert EW manager--made corrections on base server and MUX at Colony WY.
    • Oversaw the government team in testing and acceptance of Remote Cryptographic Unit installation allowing remoteLink-16 re-keying


  • Completed all required CBT requirements in record time
  • Taking night courses for his MBA with the hopes of moving up in the company




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Last Update: 04/02/2018